About Us

The fine jewelry Spanish brand was started by two passionate people for gems and antique jewelry.

They first started creating exclusive pieces for friends and family. The touch of glamour of old fine jewelry and the simple clean lines of contemporary design are a hallmark of D’Arusso. The jewelry is for the modern women that wants to wear her jewelry every day and be elegant, sophisticated and edgy all at the same time. Color and the warmth of the gemstone gives life to an everyday wardrobe.

We aspire to only use natural organic elements. The diamonds and gems with 18 kt gold are a trademark of our commitment to your desire to collect pieces that are timeless.

 The love of art is behind each design in our collection. The piece you wear is a compliment to your outer beauty and inner light.

Our collection is varied and can be custom fit giving you the choice to make each piece a signature to your unique style. Our passion is to see all our customers happy wearing their jewelry as a statement piece.